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Fureverhomes Doberman Rescue, Inc. is a foster home based rescue, we do not have a kennel or facility and our rescued Dobermans are in various areas where we have the best of fosters. We do require an application be submitted before scheduling a meet and greet, we would like to have the opportunity to know the human interested as well as we have an obligation to each of the rescued dogs to keep them safe.

Our adoption process consists of an adoption application, we do verify employment, call for a history of care at your veterinarian, and speak with your two personal, non-relative references provided, all applicants must be a minimum of 25 years of age. Once that checklist is complete a home visit is scheduled, then a determination is made and we will speak with you regarding the Dobermans in our program and those coming to help you find a match for your environment and lifestyle. We ask every potential adopter to complete a two or four-week trial period depending on the temperament of the dog, and we assist our families with acclimating their new addition into their home, offer training advice and more during the trial period. Once complete we verify both humans and Doberman are happy, not stressed and at this time finalize the adoption contract. FDR, Inc. does require each adopter to complete a minimum of one certificate group obedience class at a reputable, positive reinforcement trainer, we will assist you with finding one if you don't already have one.

Thank you for your interest in opening your heart and home to an FDR rescue, if you have any trouble completing the form please do let us know, we recommend you save it once complete to your computer and then reattach it to an email, or print it, complete it and scan it in to attach to an email, you may also fax it to us at (484) 281-3428, and of course you are most welcome to mail it to the address at the top of the application. Photos may be sent with the application or in additional emails if you prefer, however they are required for the application to be sent to processing. We will follow up with you once your references have been checked, and you meet our minimum criteria to set up a home visit. Please make certain all your references are informed we will be calling and if they are unable to take our call, to please do call us back promptly, so we may help you navigate through the application process quickly. Thank you for loving this most wonderful breed and for your interest in Fureverhomes Doberman Rescue, Inc.

Adoption Guidelines

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