Adoption/Foster Application and Info

Thank you for your interest in opening your heart and home to an FDR Rescue! Fureverhomes Doberman Rescue, Inc. currently has many Doberman available, whom are searching for their opportunity for a home to call their very own; we do not post all the Doberman we currently have available for adoption in our program, if we have puppies, they are always placed in homes that have a pre-approved adoption application on file with FDR, as well as our young adults whom are docked and cropped, this is why we encourage folks to apply and become an approved home on our waiting list. We here at FDR focus on the application first, helping our applicants to be approved to adopt is an important step, the process also helps us to get to know you, meet and greets take place only with our approved applicants. We will assist you in finding the Doberman that is a match for your breed experience, type of environment and lifestyle, we ask that you try not focus only on one specific dog while going through the adoption process. Our job as rescue is to make certain we are finding an appropriate home for each and every Doberman whom comes into our program, based on their specific needs and temperament, we want the Doberman placed in your home to succeed, we do prefer to not discuss details about a specific dog(s) initially for several reasons, mainly once we go through the application process and determine if we are able to approve your home to adopt from FDR we may discover while getting to know you that the dog you are focusing on may not be a match for you, also, the dog you are setting your heart on may find a home before we get to the meet and greet with you, and we certainly do not want broken hearts before we introduce your family to a Doberman. Currently FDR covers CT to GA (east coast), occasionally other states if we have the ability, we pull from these states, have foster homes and adopt to these states as well, we ask our applicants to keep in mind most, most meet and greets take place at with our foster homes, and those here at our Rescue home base are in Chatham, VA, it truly depends on the environment in the potential home, and where we currently have Dobermans being fostered. We do take our time to get to know all our dogs in our foster program, and we welcome the opportunity to get to know your home and family, so we are able to properly assist you in your search. FDR does take placement of a Doberman into a home with children or other animals very seriously, we look at history, if a Doberman comes to us with a known history of doing well coexisting with children and/or other animals we will retest to confirm prior to placement, if we have a Doberman whom has never coexisted with children and/or other animals we will test them, however it is not as likely that they would be placed into a home with children and/or other animals, placement truly depends on what we see during their testing and foster home period.
Please find our link below for the Adoption Application, our Adoption Criteria, and General Facts supplement (which includes our adoption fee chart), if you have any trouble completing the two forms please do let us know, we do require all applicants sign and date the application and initial and date the Criteria and General Facts supplement prior to submission for processing or the application will automatically be rejected, all humans and animals whom reside inside the home or on the property must be included on the application or it will not be processed. Should you have any questions, please do ask us, FDR is here to help the Doberman in need as well as the humans who love them. You will need to save your completed application as a PDF file on your computer or external drive/disk then attach the file to an email, or print the application, scan the completed documents in as a PDF document and attach the file to an email, PLEASE DO NOT SEND US PHOTOS OF THE APPLICATION PAGES, the application will not be processed, of course you are most welcome to mail it to the address at the top of the application. Photos may be emailed with the application or in additional emails.
Our adoption process consists of an adoption application, we do verify employment, call for a history of past/current animal care at your veterinarian, and speak with the two non-family personal references you provided. An FDR representative will contact you to introduce themselves as they begin to process your application and ask any questions they may have regarding your submitted application and review our process. Please make certain your veterinarian, human resources representative or employment manager and references are informed we will be calling and if they are unable to take our call, to please call us back promptly so we may help you navigate through the application process quickly. If you are self-employed, your company/business must be a registered corporation we are able to find in your states public database, we must be able to verify your employment or we cannot process the application. Once that checklist is complete, and the application meets our adoption minimum criteria, a home visit is scheduled to complete the application process. Once an application determination is made by our board, we will speak with you regarding the Doberman in our program and those expected to come in soon to assist you with finding a match, Doberman are not cookie cutter, each and every one has their own individual personality and temperament. We ask every potential adopter to complete a two or four-week In-Home Trial period, depending on the needs of the dog placed in your home and your breed experience, we are always here for our families with recommendations to help acclimate your new addition into your home, we offer training advice and much more during the trial period and we are here to help for the entire lifetime of all our FDR Doberman. Once the trial period is complete, we verify both humans and Doberman are happy, and finalize the adoption contract. FDR, Inc. does require our adopter(s) and dog to complete a minimum of one obedience/manners course with a reputable, certified, positive reinforcement trainer, we will assist you with finding one that meets our approval. We do ask in advance for your patience, we are a small group of volunteers processing a large number of intake every year, our priority here at FDR is always bringing Doberman to safety first. We here at FDR are an all unpaid, volunteer staff with full-time jobs outside of Rescue, homes, families, furbabies who own us to take care of and many of us also foster one or more rescued Doberman for FDR, preparing and testing a Doberman for a future home is very important and time consuming, again we do ask for your patience while we assist you through the process. The application process from beginning to end typically takes three to four weeks from application submission to placement of a Doberman; this does fluctuate depending on several factors, how quickly we are able to speak to you, the response time of your veterinarian, employer and references, also how available the entire family is and our home visit volunteer’s availability to meet and complete your required home visit, also if we currently have a Doberman in our program whom would be a match for your home. Thank you for considering a rescued Doberman and Fureverhomes Doberman Rescue, Inc.